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  • I created a simple game of logical sequence (no behaviors) and performed all the procedures to create applications for Android and IPhone through CocoonJS. Then I installed the file in Samsung with Android 2.3 and when I went to play, only able to hear the background music. The screen is dark. I had tested before through the launcher, and it happened the same things but the game screen appeared a few times. In this case, when the level changed, the background music is that disappeared, leaving only the sound effects. I'm trying to get support with Ludei, including to another problem I'm also having with another application, but I have urgency to fix this because it is a demonstration for a company. Thank you.

  • Did you look in the debug console? Were there any messages or errors?

  • Hi ASHLEY.

    No errors and no messages. The game is still running. I know this because besides listen to the soundtrack, I also hear the sound effect when you touch the screen and interact with the cards.

  • Maybe try turning the WebGL setting on or off? It's hard to say - it sounds like a problem with CocoonJS, so I think you'll have to talk to Ludei about it.

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  • Well, after reading several threads and make many tests, I decided to disable WebGL and finally could see my game on mobile. I found this very strange and I wonder if anyone has any plausible explanation. I noticed glitches in the background music. I decided to check the console and found only a warning: Not found getElementById: c2canvasdiv.

    Note: I said I had not used behaviors, but actually I used a: LiteTween. I would remove it when I had the idea to turn off WebGL.

  • Ashley

    Coincidentally we thought the same thing. I just read your message now. I have sent 03 emails to Ludei since yesterday, and I got no response so far. Besides the problem with the physics behavior ( =) and the issue of having to turn off the WebGL, which I believe to be essential, I also questioned the reason for the application to be three times larger than the original. Do you know why?

  • Ludei told me the file size was because that's the smallest they could make their cocoonjs wrapper (think of it as a browser specifically for your html5 game). When i asked them about it they were quite robust in their defence of the file size to me and, as I'm not a code writer, I have to bow to their expertise.

    There is a folder in the apk you can delete if you're not targeting sub-arm7 platforms (i think - found the tip on another thread, use 7zip or equivalent) - I can't remember what it's called as I'm away from my computer but it's pretty obvious and should save you some memory.

    Edited for spolling....

  • Colludium: Thanks for the info. I'll check it.

  • RenatoB I usualy remove one of the 2 files armeabi and armeabiv7a and make 2 version of the same game. For that you need to decompile the apk, delete one of the armeabi library, recompile, sign, zipalign(make sure in manifext.xml you have a bigger version for armeabi-v7a apk EX: app_with_armeabi.apk put code version 11, and for app_with_armeabi-v7a.apk put version 12 in the manifest)If a device is supporting armeabi v7a it will download the upper version if not it will download the old armeabi. In Google Play console make sure to switch to advanced mode when uploading the apk file.

  • Cipriux - that's the detail I couldn't remember; thanks for clarifying it!


  • Hello!

    We are aware of some problems of games that use WebGL as a renderer, for now the best solution is to use the canvas renderer which is heavily tested and wait a bit long until we improve the WebGL renderer <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

    The Ludei Team

  • Hi ludei

    Many of us would like to get physics running in cocoonjs but are met with black screens and various failure codes about unrecognised physics calls. The fix so far has been for us to turn off the cocoonjs accelerated physics, so we all feel like we're missing out somewhat. Can you reassure us and confirm that ludei are on the case and will be providing a fix soon? When I emailed you in Aug about this you replied that this was a Construct 2 export problem and nothing to do with your product... Which is it please?

    Thank you!

  • ludei Hello there, I just wanted to follow up and see if the latest updates in 1.4.7 address this issue? I also wanted to see if you have any plans of updating the CocoonJS plugin for C2 to allow us to take advantage of new items like Google Play Games support, etc...

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