anyone written a device performance probe?

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  • Different mobile phones run different FPS. Has anyone done anything in JS to detect the relative speed of the device? I have seem some JS which just loops for a few MS to see if its an iphone 3 (very slow)or iphone 4 for example.

    Obviously I can use the System-> Is on mobile device, but this doesnt tell me if if Im running say ipad3 (which is very fast) or an ipad 1 (which I need to no do some animations etc.)

    Any ideas?

    I could just do a loop a 100 times and see how long it took, but you never know what the phone is currently doing.

    I use the browser string to see if its an iphone or ipad at least, but you cant do much more than that.

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  • This is the standard performance test we use to get an impression of a device's performance. It takes about a minute to run. You should not make a performance test that measures event performance, because most games spend 80-90% of their time in rendering.

    If you're trying to measure performance on startup, there's no good and reliable way to do that - just have a setting for effects, e.g. low, medium or high.

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