Anyone wanna help me cross over on Skype sometime?

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  • Hey guys so i'm fed up with GS bugs.

    I wanna come over to Scirra but it took me like a year to get a grasp of GS and feel confident. I was giving them a fair go, but today such a simple bug just made hell on my project and I can't take it anymore but my game was supposed to be out this month!!! :(

    If anyone would be kind enough to add me on Skype and give me a quick Noobs Q&A tutorial via screen share that would be so appreciated.


    Skype: ozboybrian

  • I would be really appreciating that ... But I don't have a mic and I don't know how to screen share =-O

    Maybe you could show me how ?

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  • The beginner's tutorial is actually really helpful. You should give that a try!

  • I could definitely help you out with Skype tricks! :D

    And yeah i'll keep looking in to the Tutorials. :)

  • I have no idea about screen share either but take it from someone who has done the whole GS thing as well. C2 is far more intuitive than GS and the tutorials are really great at getting you started

    On top of that it has a great community with competent people who are very happy to help you out with any questions so you should be good to go in no time:)

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