Has anyone tried a community based game creation?

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  • While sitting in a bus I started to dwell in memories. One of those memories was when I had up a art based forum and someone had the idea of creating a drawing that everyone on the forum could partake. Someone would draw a circle, anotherone would draw eyes and mouth, a third would refine the doodle to a pretty decent face and so on. It was insanely fun

  • It'd be cool, but there'd have to be a way to organize everything so it wouldn't become a mess.

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  • I've seen a dozen community projects fail miserably or never get off the ground at all. It's a cool idea but never pans out.

    The best you can do is get a very small and competent dev team with a solid idea and workflow utilizing contributions from the community - but good luck getting so many people from various backgrounds to work in the same art style and so on.

    On that note, I'm sorry, but C2 is pretty bad when it comes to collaboration of any sort. It works with SVN, but it wasn't necessarily designed from the beginning to do so. Things like default instances and external resources can cause all kinds of trouble.

  • Ah, thats a shame. And btw, i wasnt trying to give the impression that i would want to rally people up behind me for such an effort if that is what you thought, i'm way waaaay too unskilled with the program to even make anything decent myself But yeah, just a thought that popped to my head. It's exiting to think of the possibilities IF somehow it could all be maintained properly. Allthough now that i think about it. isn't opensource software exactly this kind of work? pretty much anyone can chip in?

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