Anyone have problems with R170 export?

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  • Ashley and anyone who has used R170

    I've exported my #lowrezjam game to Gamejolt & also to dropbox but I'm getting a weird display glitch. It was working fine as a R169 release but I've been working on the file in the new R170 and get the following results.

    How the game displays in preview which is correct.

    How the game displays in Chrome (also IE) via Dropbox & on GameJolt.

    Notice how the heart is in the wrong place. The player sprites legs are stretched and the top of his helmet is missing. Also the health bars don't line up correctly, the grey health bar should be directly behind the red. And the red bar is much shorter than it should be.

    Link to the game on dropbox -

    Exported to Node-Webkit

    The image seems to be stretched from the bottom-right to the top left.

    I've tried multiple export options and still get the same results.

    I'm trying to replicate the problem with a bare bones project but not getting the same behaviour yet to post a bug report. Just wanted to see if anyone else has the same issues.

  • One of the bug fixes reported by Ashley for r170 was 'Sprites could appear at the wrong size after export'.

    I think this was caused by the new Downscaling option.

    Have you altered that option? If not, then Ashley may not have fully fixed the export bug.

  • I had some downscaling issues which seem to have been sorted in r170. I found that setting the option back to medium from high fixed the issue in r169.

  • zenox98 & spongehammer

    Thanks for the info guys. I never had any problems with the downscaling in R169.

    Now I've tried all 3 "downscaling" options low, medium & high and get the same stretched and out of place behaviour on all 3.

    I'm only using 2 3rd party plugins Canvas which I use to draw the players map and seems to be functioning perfectly & GameJolt to send the players score to the highscore table.

    Will keep digging see if I can get some info for Ashley

  • I've just tried exporting an example to DropBox that uses the Canvas plugin and nothing appeared to be amiss, so possibly not a plugin issue.

    Have you tried the usual suspects like export without minify, or don't use PNG recompression?

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  • zenox98

    Now tried all export options with minify off & no png compression and still the same results

    All images look fine in the exported project folder.

  • Maybe the spritesheet fix didn't work properly - looks like it's off by 1px in places. A minimal repro would help me fix it quicker if possible!

  • Ashley

    Got a minimal CAPX with the same behaviour.

    This is the preview.

    This is the node-webkit export (same on HTML5 export). Again the heart is not in the correct place. Neither is the health bar and if you look closely the inventory bag has also shifted from the centre of the screen.

    Quick info:

    Layer 0 would be where the game would be and is set at "layer scale" 10.

    Layer 1 & 2 have no layer scale and parallax set at 0 as this would be where I would show my healthbar & inventory.

    Hope it helps

  • Please make a post in the Bugs forum following all the guidelines and including all relevant information, otherwise I'll lose this post.

  • Ashley

    Bug report posted.

    Hope it helps.

  • When exporting my game to html some sprites size smaller than the preview.


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