Anyone else missing this feature?

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  • Hello all,

    I am wondering if anyone else here is missing a small editor feature that would make level creation very much easier - namely, the ability to rotate/scale groups of objects around a common point, and not their individual origins.

    At the moment, if using a tile-based system, it's not feasible to create any arrangement that is not at an angle of 0, 90, 180, or 270. I've always thought that one of the strengths of C2 was the fact that its editor is very flexible with angles, positions, and scales, something missing in the tile-based editors of the competition (ahem, game maker).

    However, most graphics still come in tile form as that's probably the best way to compose complex arrangements/terrain.

    My motives may be a tad selfish (I cannot start level design until this feature is added) but I feel like many others also want this important feature.

    Let me know if you agree!

  • I haven't looked at them yet, but maybe look at containers? Those might do the trick. Are you looking to do that in editor or while game is running?

  • adagar, no, I'm only after the simple convenience of the editor feature.

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  • Oh god THIS. I ran into this the other day when I realized I needed to reduce the size of my layout - I grabbed about 50 sprites, resized them using the handles, and then cried a little tear when I realized C2 treats them all individually.

  • boolean - ouch. That's terrible!

  • the ability to rotate/scale groups of objects around a common point, and not their individual origins.

    This one, and one more.

    If You select bunch of objects in the editor and then hold shift to select another bunch of objects to make one big selection, first group of selected objects gets unselected.

    You have to select them all in one, or shift+click them one by one.

    That is really anoying.

  • Yeah, another one which I'm missing, is the ability to set origin points in the tiled background, at least in all corners and all centers/middles.

    Another way around: tiling option in the sprite object would be super-usefull.

  • Can't you do this with the pin behaviour (if you don't want the distance/angle to change at runtime) by creating a blank(0 opacity or filled 0 alpha fill) sprite and call it origin.

    Then at the start create pin your sprites to this origin.

    Now when you rotate/move the origin all other sprites will cycle the origin.

    See an example here

    If you did want to change the distance from origin at runtime I suspect you can unpin the sprite, and move at inverted angle from origin and then re-pin (doing that every tick until repined).

  • This topic is about features in editor, not runtime.

  • This has been on my todo list for a while now. It's just a long todo list.

  • Yeah, Ashley, I assumed it was there somewhere, but I was hoping enough people needing the feature would drive it up in priority <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • This, please, I�m getting the shivers to think about my next game in C2 without this feature. ;o

  • I would love to do this as well :)

  • This sounds really cool :D

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