Did anyone managed to use speech recognition on mobile app?

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  • Hi all

    I am planning a series of mobile games that are using speech recognition.

    The Speech Recognition Example capx was used to build an Android app (via xdk crosswalk, including Media, Audio and Capture permissions) and an iOS app (via Ejecta). On both apps I get the same poor result. "Speech recognition is not supported".

    I read few old threads regarding this issue but never a solution.

    Did anyone managed to use speech recognition on mobile?

    I'm mostly interested in a solution for iOS, but it would be also nice to hear about an Android solution.


  • Ashley? Anyone?

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  • It should be supported on Crosswalk... maybe ask Intel about what the status of that is.

    AFAIK iOS simply does not support speech recognition from the browser yet.

  • Thanks Ashley

  • I have made a game that uses speech recognition and speech synthesis. I am facing the same problem.

    Using Intel XDK i converted my game into and android .apk file but it does'not work on android.

    I used the if, else conditions to make sure that if the speech recognition or synthesis is not supported then the browser should return an error message "This browser does not support Speech recognition and synthesis". And the browser generated it. It means the android browser is not supporting speech functionality in android.

  • Ashley its not the issue of Construct 2 or Intel Crosswalk. The main issue is that android browsers doesnt support Speech Recognition and Speech synthesis also.

  • That sucks, i had a great idea with this...

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