has anyone made any money using construct 2?

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  • Just curious

  • Lots of people have, including me.

  • Yes, plenty of us have. I haven't made a lot, but definitely some.

  • anyone have any proof?

  • Oh, come on. Asking for proof of financial information is generally considered rude, doubly so because it implies you think we're lying since you won't take our word.

    It's not farfetched to think that people can be making money with C2 at all, as people can make money doing all kinds of stuff, even things you think no one in their right minds would pay someone to do.

  • Enough to buy a few beers and a new phone <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> over the last few months. What sort of proof are you after? ...because you're unlikely to get sight of anyone's bank statements.

  • speedstr This is irrelevant anyway.. nobody but Scirra is making money "With" C2... it's your games that make the money. A crappy game isn't going to make money no matter which tools you use. You can create most types of games in C2 very quickly, the question is really do you have a good enough game idea and the skill to make a game that makes money... TL;DR The tools don't make you money, your games do.

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  • Well I consider flappy bird a crap game with rip off art.. and that made a LOT of money, so there's hope for "crap games" out there!! ;)

    ps. I've already started to make money its not much but thats because there's no advertisement for my game yet.

  • well , speedstr , C2 produces games , and DECENT games make money

    it's as obvious as that , it's not about C2 but about the game

  • Yup, I do. I put out a case study a while back. I made it available to everyone when I made it about a year ago. So I guess that's some proof.


  • No! Its just for hobbiests and wanna be programmers :)Notion Games Isn't making money and these guys are never going to make any money

    Both are fantastic examples of what is achievable.

  • ArcadEd, Thank you for this case study ! Very instructive.

    And for the original question, like others said, i too think that its more about the games, and not the program used to make it... But, you can already find some good looking games on steam built with Construct2, so i guess some people are making money from it.

  • ArcadEd

    Thanks for the info.

    I don't know why people are so scared to show any proof that they have made money. it's not like anyone is going to steal your credit card number.

    I mean. If you have something in the app store why would you NOT want to share that? If you've made money why would you NOT want to let people know? heck, if I made even $2.00 I would be jumping for joy and letting everyone know about it.

    All I'm asking is if there is anyone willing to show proof that they've made money with this program. You act as if I'm raping your daughter or something.

    and yes, if you can't show any proof then my only conclusion if you say you have made money is that you are not being truthful.

    you guys say that it's about the game, not about the program. Well of course it's about the game. Just show me the game you've made money with. that's all I'm really asking.

  • DUTOIT gave you examples

  • speedstr,

    Check out kickstarter - see the funding for those games and that should give you a good idea of money being made.

    These guys are going to make a killing Reven

    And this is done on Construct 2 as far as I understand.

    There are tons of games on kickstarter, and sure most are not using construct 2, but they could have been made using construct 2.


    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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