Anyone up for Ludum Dare?

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  • After talking about it in another thread, I am actually really eager to get some Scirra users together for the upcoming Ludumdare! So I'm just going to tag a bunch of guys and see if they're interested:











    This is not to say I only want to work with these guys, I don't know them at all really, just they are the notable names that keep popping up. I'm happy to work with anyone who has moderate or better knowledge of C2 or art/sound skills.

    LD is a low-time investment chance to get some collaborative experience and would be a great way to end the year, with a bunch of C2 users putting on a show. I'm useless with art, but work with an artist who may be willing to join too. I am however very good with events and particularly RPG elements (experience, text, combat, etc.).

    I also have an SVN set up, so you don't need to worry about that. If you're interested reply here or send me a message!

  • Sounds interresting.

    Kind of an anti game designer myself.

    I consider myself good at out of the box thinking when it concerns methods of application and problem solving.

    How does this work with ludum dare, you join as a group or something ?

    Perhaps outline a scenario, i'm sure more would like to know.


  • lennaert - Yep! You enter as a group and the theme is released just before the competition starts. Then you all get together on skype or whatever and try to design a game around the theme. Decide your roles and goals and get into it!

    It's obviously very intensive as you only have 3 days to complete your entry, so if you are interested we should at least try to set up our workflow ahead of time. If you (or anyone else) wants I can walk you through the SVN client setup that will take a minute and we can make sure it's all functioning and set some ground rules.

    The team owns the game (it will not belong to Ludum Dare or anything) and you can keep working on it afterwards if you wish, but mainly I just want to do it for fun and experience (I have enough projects ongoing at the moment).

    So an example: theme is night-time, GO!

    Spend 3-4 hours outlining design

    Allocate roles

    Get to work

    Don't sleep

    Keep working

    Don't sleep

    Drink caffeine

    Finish entry

    Sleep for a week.

    Or at least that's how it was last time. Last time we made something with a great core, but too bug ridden and not put together nicely. So it's important to control your scope and make sure you have good workflow if you want to get it shiny.

  • Sounds good :)

    If you'll have me, I'll join hehe.

    Whats needed for the SVN ?

  • lennaert - Yeah sure, it's all about getting together and learning :)

    Here is the full tutorial, but all you need to do is go here and download the latest version.

    After it's installed, make a new folder somewhere. Right click it, and you will see "SVN checkout". And I will PM you the password etc. now, and that's it :) Let me know how you get on!

  • I would love to be able to, but for medical reasons I can't. For the record, putting an before a name only gives them a notification if they have already made a post in the thread - I didn't get a notification for this thread, for example.

  • Arima - Oh, sorry to hear that! Watching your videos of Loot Pursuit when it first came about have always an inspiration in the back of my noggin.

    And thanks for telling me about the , I didn't know that.

  • Yeah, that's the main reason loot pursuit has taken so long to make. I just can't work on it much. :(

  • December 13th to 16th? I'd be up for that - happy to help out if you need it :D

  • E Bear - Cool bananas :) I'll PM you SVN password etc. now too. Just follow the link I gave to lennaert in an above post to get tortoise and let me know if you have any trouble!

  • I might be interested. I'll send you a private message here in a bit with some stuff and we can talk.

  • DrewMelton - Great, looking forward to it :)

  • Sounds like fun, but with 2 kids and job hunting I don't really have the time :( Plus my strength is programming. Since that's covered well enough my extra help won't be as much. Maybe another time when I have more available time.

    Though it does sound like a lot of fun :)

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  • jayderyu - if only life had a pause button 'ey :( But yeah if you want to try a little weekend project in the future just let me know!

  • I certainly hope you and whoever you end up working with create a great game. I would consider joining, but I'm pretty addicted to going solo in the Compo. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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