Would anyone like to help me with an AI?

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  • I am currently trying to make an Artificial Intelligence. This AI will (hopefully) learn to jump over any course of squares. Here is how it goes:

    You set up a simple course for the AI. The course can be made up of death squares that the AI must jump over or fail. Each time the AI fails, it remembers where it failed and jumps somewhere around there. (If the AI touches a death square, the layout is reset)

    Though I need help with my quest, I made my AI be able to jump over 2/3 squares. I have yet to see it jump over the third. So I need help making it be able to jump over any amount of squares.

    If you are wondering how I want this to work, here is an explanation:

    • To remember it's fails, I will use a dictionary, and the AI will add a key of a X-Coordinate of where it died.

    • Another thing it must remember is where it successfully jumps, so it can repeat it. (Something I need help with.)

    As you can see, this project is complicated, and I do need a lot of help. But I believe I / We can make it. The AI should be able to learn how to master any course whose purpose is to jump over any amount of squares (or maybe even more obstacles!)

    If you are interested, please comment below. I have a capx here, so be sure to check it out.

    Thank you,

    Ryan Kdot

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