Anyone having trouble sharing with Google Drive?

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  • Saw the tutorial a while ago. It's been working well for me up until a few days ago. Wanted to see if it was an isolated thing. Uploaded some new files to test. I may have hit the bandwidth limit. Doesn't seem like I should have though, haven't really shared and links. Anyone been using Google Drive lately?

  • I've actually got it to work now. Not sure what it was, it seems to be working fine now. Crazy, haven't had it working for days. Maybe the links were old or something.

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  • I've noticed that previously they allowed webhosting for "anyone with the link" kind of sharing but this is no longer the case.

    Now they only allow webhosting for the "public" kind of sharing, which also indexes your game into Google's search results (which is good for a final version but bad for development versions that you probably don't want to share with everyone).

    Well, it's time to go back to Dropbox I guess

  • Everything seems to be working so far ever since, we'll see how it holds up. Even the "anyone with link" sharing option.

    I had actually given up on dropbox. Have they return the hosting feature that puts your game live? Them removing it caused me to used it less, the feature is wonderful for testing.

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