Does anyone export their project to CocoonJS?

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  • Hello everyone :) im kind of new here and i dont even know if this is the right section of the forum but i just wanna talk about CocoonJS export system to the iOS and Android cause im having a problem with the Zip URl hehe and i want to know if someone have tested his own project in that platform ?

  • Many of us use CocoonJS. What problem in particular are you having?

  • i export my project to cocoonjs and them upload it to dropbox but when i go to the "zip url" the project dont load and nothing happend. then the screen go to the ludei logo and then its back to the first page of Cocoonjs.

    im testing this in a Samsung galaxy S4 (1 day open from the box)

  • It could be a few things.

    Are you using the CocoonJS launcher app on your phone? Have you signed up and received a registration code, and entered that key into your app? Does the game work in a mobile browser?

  • yes, yes, yes and i think so, i was playing the scirra arcade game on my phone and nothing goes wrong.

    i just upload a new cocoonjs project (exported by construct2) to check if the problem was my game, but no, it doesnt work.


    i dont know if maybe the problem is my Phone cause is actually new and i dont know if i have to configure something or maybe is the dropbox :S ?

  • Hmm, it might be.

    Before you jump to that, I'd suggest trying a few tests. Make a simple app that just has some text boxes or sprites or something and see if that runs. If it does, then you know it's your game. If it doesn't, then it's probably your phone.

    Also try exporting your game with "minify script" unchecked - that's been known to cause a few issues in the past, specifically where physics is involved.

  • i already export a new project with just a simple orange box sprite and it doesnt work. :S so the problem is not my game, its maybe my phone.

  • I have the same problem here, but 3 days ago i have created a game with cocoonjs and it worked, and i just uploaded new one . but this time not worked . i have used some phone like s3 , s2 , Lg but it's still not worked. may be there is bug update by cocoonjs ?

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  • The download feature doesn't work for me either. Try putting it directly on the phone through itunes/ sd card

  • Make sure you're not using the Dropbox shortened URL. If you are it will not work! The Dropbox URL should end with ".zip" for it to work correctly.

    Good luck!

  • The download feature doesn't work for me either. Try putting it directly on the phone through itunes/ sd card

    good idea man, but how i do that? just drag the .zip file in the sd card and opend Cocoonjs? just that?

  • IJCT hello! I had this issue too!

    What I've understood:

    You can't load your game directly from dropbox on your mobile device, correct?

    Well you are probably using either:

    • The shortened link
    • Dropbox mobile app link

    Both of these will fail.


    Go to on a full internet browser (not mobile, unless perhaps you know how to turn a mobile browser into a full one [eg show desktop page] then email yourself the link and enter that.

    IT should now work. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • thx man

    i ll try :)

  • now at least its loading hehe buts its appear this message


    Could not launch your app. Please, verify your internet connetion."

    its obligatory to have a SD card???

  • I had the same problem a while ago. The solution for me:

    Create a Public folder in your Dropbox folder and then place your zip file in it (or repeatedly export it there from C2 for easier debug). The URL you need for the cocoonjs launcher can then be found by right clicking on the zip and copying the public link. Of course, all of that has to be done in Windows, so the hardest part is then typing the URL for the link into cocoonjs using your android keyboard...

    Hope this helps!

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