Anyone experiencing black screens on mobile?

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  • So I've had a build of KlangM on my phone for a while, working fine, no issue. However suddenly it just started to blackscreen. Audio works, and I can tell the game works based on the sounds I'm hearing, but nothing past that. It also happens on the exact same spots every time, even the C2 loading bar doesn't show.I tried reinstalling the app and also installed a new update on the phone. Anyone experienced similar problems? I'm using a Galaxy S7, and I built it using PhoneGap.

  • Hey Man!

    I'm having a similar problem. Within a week I started to develop a project. I was testing on the android phone, LG K7, no problem. From yesterday my tests started to present a problem with black screen. It happens the following. The game starts but soon after a few seconds all the splits disappear, but the game continues to run because some elements like testo box and buttons that are not splits continue to be displayed. It looks like it's some problem in start of layout. Time works perfectly, time happens black screen.

    It's my first project with Construc, I do not know what to do.

    Just the problem in tests on the cell phone. Android Debug Apk. No Construct works perfectly.

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  • Glad I'm not the only one. Yes it shows the same symptoms. Always the start of a layout! Maybe it's fullscreen that messes up?

  • It's happening the same thing with me in a friend's galaxy s7, the title screen appeared, with sounds normally, but after the title screen just a button that exists in the following layout, the background music works normal, but the black background is the sprite to start does not appear, other smartphones work normally, moto g5 plus, moto x4, lenovo k6, any of you found a solution? (sorry for my English, my main language is Brazilian Portuguese)

  • There are a few different topics on this around the C2/C3 forums. Looks to be a WebGL2 issue as disabling WebGL works, but cripples performance.

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