Has anyone here ever made an iOS game with C2?

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  • So far my forum searches show people who have claimed their project will eventually be on iOS, but I have yet to see many complete that goal. I believe I did find one person who had something on the iTunes store, but there were some crashing issues to be had.

    I'm planning on taking my space shooter all the way and adding a campaign mode. If anyone here has actually published an iOS game, I definitely want to talk to them and ask some questions.

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  • I currently have 4 games on IOS and Android. 2 are ad revenue based (built with cocoonJS) and 2 are .99 cent games via phonegap. All made with C2.

  • Chaotic Cubes, Pigo and Turmoil Deluxe are three games that spring to mind. Turmoil Deluxe is probably the closest example you'll get to a space shooter, like you're intending. The trait all these games have in common is that they don't push the graphic capabilities too far, and keep things nice and simple.

    I haven't seen any complex C2 games on there yet, though I know Arima has an Rpg in the works which he's constantly optimising to increase the chances of it working properly.

  • I saw NotionGames mention they had an iOS game (Up Up Ubi), but not sure if it's done in C2 or not.

  • I currently have 4 games on IOS and Android. 2 are ad revenue based (built with cocoonJS) and 2 are .99 cent games via phonegap. All made with C2.

    Did you manage to make these and submit etc without a mac? One of the main things stopping me is i'm on PC, and I refuse to buy a mac just to export a project to iphone.

    Also, what were the main hurdles you ran into when creating an iphone version? Framerate issues? Supporting multiple screen sizes? Any info you can provide would help a lot.    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • No, I purchased a mac mini just for the purpose of compiling, testing and submitting games for ios.

    I had your same thought about refusal to buy a mac, matter of fact I hackintoshed one of my laptops. The problem is, the latest Xcode requires the latest oSX. Getting the latest OSX running on a hackintosh is time consuming, if it will even work. I gave up. Now my kids use the Mac Mini for playing games on or doing homework. I use it to submit games/apps.

    As for hurdles, depends on how you are planning on compiling. Using phonegap through xcode is going to take some reading and work the first time. CocoonJS is pretty easy.

  • While I haven't tried it specifically with C2, is PhoneGap Build an option? I used it quite a few times on some contract work and it never failed me... though that was work primarily based on jQuery Mobile.


  • Phonegap is good for apps or REALLY simple games. Someday we hope phonegap gets some kind of canvas acceleration. There are several hopeful project out there like Pender.

  • I have Chaotic Cubes on there at the moment, and my next game is waiting for approval right now!

    I borrowed an old iMac for compiling, then fell in love with OSX and sold my gaming laptop and bought a MacBook.

    Although now I have to run Construct in bootcamp but it all works well together.

  • I just published my first app for the iOS to the App Store. I used my laptop with VMware installed and a virtual Mac OS and Xcode. Worked well and was a whole lot cheaper than buying a Mac.

  • Another option for those without a Mac is to use a service like MacInCloud. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • It really sucks that you cant publist iOS games without a Mac or VM.

    But how about testing? Do you need a Mac for that too? Because my iPad is coming next week and Im just wondering how fast do I have to setup some kind of VM or just take a simple-but-expensive route of just buying a Mac Mini?

  • You also need an ios device linked to your account, I bought my girlfriend an iphone4(nice to performance test on an older device) as a birthday present and killed 2 birds with one stone :)

    Edit: Also worth noting VM is against apples TOS

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