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  • This situation actually does look like and is probably a bug. Should this be fixed? I can't post in the post bugs because I don't have a cap.x file on me.

    Sometimes when I use the same event sheet for the next layouts, some of the events do not work for the next layouts.

    -My solution is to delete the next layouts and make the next layouts again, and it works.

    For example, if I were to make a space invaders game, and the random enemies are firing down, they would do that on the first level. But they would do no firing on level 2. I am using the same event sheet as level 1. I had to delete "Level 2", and recreate "Level 2" again, and that somehow actually solved the problem. They were firing again, just like they were supposed to in the first place.

    Is this clear? The same thing has happened in other games, generally, some events don't work on other layouts and I have to delete and remake them for them to work again.

  • I've never had this problem ever. I suspect your overlooking something critical in how spawning works maybe?

    Can you make a small sample of problem and post it as a CAPX?

  • It might be difficult, as I do use heavy graphics and am not sure how to post a sample of CAPX.

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  • Save As Single file which is a capx. Hopefully there are no 3rd party plugins.

  • y2j

    You should be able to reproduce just using place-holder graphics if there really is a bug.

    Try and isolate the section of code that you think contains the bug, then attach the .capx here. We all can then test it for you.

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