Does anyone actually use Letterbox Integer Scale?

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  • Does anyone think it's worth the trade off of better looking visuals over a smaller image using letterbox integer scale vs say scale outer? Won't most people be bothered that it won't go full screen? It's closer to half the screen actually.

    Of course, the node webkit doesn't go full screen anyway. It still shows the taskbar at the bottom and whatnot. But I guess Minecraft does the same, so oh well.

  • For web games, I use it.

  • As a Noob with C2, I'd like to see would be a good explanation of these scaling alternatives existing at the moment, what effects they have and how to choose the best for my needs.

    For example, when I search word Letterbox from the online manual, the only page that shows up is about Tilemap object ( ) ..

    And from that I can deduce that I'll need to set at least three seemingly unrelated options/settings to avoid backgroud seams. On the other hand, I don't see any information what's the bad side? So if those are good values, why having others at all?

    I do know that there may well be a relevant thread on this Forum, but with forums, it's much more likely to find outdated, totally misinformed stuff than real knowledge.

  • Letterbox integer scale is to maintain the aspect ratio via letterboxing. I use it for every one of my games.

    "Of course, the node webkit doesn't go full screen anyway."

    The node webkit object only lets you maximize the window. Use the browser object for fullscreen.


  • I too use it for my games.

  • I use scale outer for any games because game fill whole window. Even for old style games.

  • Letterbox integer scale does use the whole screen providing you choose a window size which is an integer fraction of the target window size. E.g. for 1920x1080, if you choose a window size of 480x270, it can scale up to HD (since it would be at 4x). Or 192x108, which can scale up to 10x. And so on. The most important thing is to choose the window size carefully, and generally the smaller the better, since it allows for more scaling options for a closer fit to whatever the screen size is.

  • Ashley

    Letterbox Integer scale maybe good if the device share same display ratio like 16:9 but how about different ratio like Ipad4 retina or Iphone4 and Iphone5s or even Galaxy Note1. It would still shows black bars right ?

    I`ve been experimenting alot about this, for me I still prefer Scale Outer.

    Maybe I`m missing the benefit of other scaling method.

    I just use window size and layout size like 320x480, put or patch up outer layout with something not related or useful like tress or extra tiles

    So far my games able to run full screen with this method (Galaxy S3, Note1 and Ipad 4 just for fun I even tested on Nokia N8 with Belle firmware)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    But using scale outer I need to set parallax to 0,0 so that the game is centered when the game is played on desktop browser. If not the game would aligned to left of the browser.

    When I set parallax to 0,0 I cant use the new collision method just brute force method. Correct ?

    When using scale outer method, I like to use Tile background object as my background which is larger than my layout. With this I got a problem where my background object would sometimes have shake on my retina or Ipad 4. I dont know If I should file a bug report on this tough.

  • tumira - you can use whichever settings you like - Scale Outer or Inner are good ones for supporting multiple aspect ratios like you say. Letterbox Integer Scale benefits mostly blocky pixellated retro-style games, where non-integer scaling can make aliasing artefacts obvious. Your game looks more like a modern style game that would work better with normal (non-integer) scaling.

  • Ashley

    The problem I'm facing is I have to use the not recommended settings for my game if i'm using Scale Outer for TileMap object. I notice that if I use Tilemap object for scale outer, the tilemap would shift 2 pixel to the left. So its kinda hard to use it with tile map.

    Again I donno if the shift 2 pixel is normal or a bug tough since this is not the recommended setting. This happen on Ipad4 retina display.

    So for this game it is kinda odd tough.

    I use Tile background for my background (larger size than layout size)

    I use Tilemap as collision (remove alot of object for checking)

    I use the Sprite for the platform (kinda like the platformer tutorial thing)

    I use snap to grid since my game is a grid puzzle+platformer thing.

    Anyway after using C2 for 6 months, I`m quite happy with construct 2.

    Few things I hope you can add tough

    -Particles preview window ? Really hard to predict the result.

    -Spritefont is improved on the editor. (editor + browser different)

    -Official tween behavior

    I`m surprised that C2 still doesn't have any official tween. Previous engine that I worked before this includes at least have some tweens so we can maybe add some special effect on the menu.

    I don't want to hijack this thread tough. Sorry DrewMelton

  • I don't want to hijack this thread tough. Sorry DrewMelton

    Don't worry, it was just a quick discussion thread anyway. Ask away. :)

    Anyway, after some more experimenting, I'm probably going to stick with scale outer. At least for this game. It has slightly higher res pixel art, so I don't want to go with a lower res than around 720p. I may do some more experimenting though.

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  • I know, old thread. but actual topic.

    We need "integer scale inner". Little suggestion ASHLEY. scale inner for retro pixel graphics looks ugly on smooth float scale. Also when sample is set to point.

    A workaround: Get display size and resize the canvas at layout start to the display ratio.

    Or create layouts for each device.

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