Anybody here using savestate as a savegame system?

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  • So yeah, the savestate functionality in C2 seems absolutely great on paper. But after implementing checkpoints and quicksave it seems a bit flaky. It saves and loads the information it's supposed to, but when I try loading from one slot or another it sometimes messes the slots up. For instance if I load from the 'quicksave' slot then try to load from the 'checkpoint' slot afterwards it just loads the quicksave game again. Don't know if it gets confused on what slot to load or if the quicksave actually overwrites the checkpoint at that point but in any case, this isn't so good. Maybe it's just my code that has problems tho? So I thought I'd check with you all because if others use it extensively and have no problems then it looks like something I need to fix on my end. If not, time for a bug report I guess.

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