Antialias(AA) problem - Correct in layout, low when run?

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  • Here is the image to see what happens:

    Is there any option on Construct2 i'm missing? I tested the options on properties and set yes or "Max quality" about display, scaling or something and still nothing. The project is a 640x480 window.

    Is there an option, effect or something i can do to fix that? I tested on all browsers and exported to desktop with NW.js and in all the sites the same, the AA is dispalyed wrong/low.

    I tried to open the image in browsers or using another programs,etc... and the image is displayed correctly. I don't know what more can i do to solve it :S

    Here you can download the image if you want to test: ... anetp1.png

  • It looks the same on my machine.... Perhaps try a preview using letterbox integer scale, or otherwise compare the image in preview with how the editor image appears when it's zoomed to the same image size on screen.

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  • I think i found what happens.

    Seems the layout have different render like the output. The image is correct in the output then, is in the layout where my GPU apply more AA to the GFX ¿? , i have to do more tests to see what exactly happens.

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