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  • (Or anti-aliasing for future search result reasons...)

    I was curious why anti-aliasing seems so messed up on Windows, or is it something im doing wrong. When I take a fullscreen snapshot of my game running, it looks soo much better on a mac. This is zoomed in so you can see the difference, but zoomed out at normal size it's still quite harsh & feels so much less 'smooth' than it's meant to be.

    I thought maybe it was just Windows rendering shittily in general so I took a screenshot i made on a mac at the same resolution and made that fullscreen in windows then screenshotted that fullscreen image and it still looks just as good as the mac, (obvious i know but it made me feel like i wasnt crazy).

    Whats up with this? Is this a known thing? can it be tweaked?



  • What browser? Is there a zoom level set in the browser?

  • Sorry, my bad for not posting more details. This is Node-Webkit v.0.10.5 export running straight from Steam on mac & windows. So Chromium/Chrome i guess.

  • Is it "windowed" in anyway i.e. title bar or scrollbars where it would be different per OS? Or is the game taking up all of the full screen?

  • Nope, 100% Full screen, though the anti-aliasing is unrelated to being fullscreen, if its in windowed mode, it looks just as bad/different -- arguably more-so because the sprites are smaller/harder to see finer details.

  • Have you tried running it on a different windows pc, just in case it's a graphics driver issue?

  • Not me personally, but every one of the screenshots a colleague has sent me (she's on a windows machine) have the same issue as above - blockier / weirdly anti-aliased graphics and sprite fonts.

  • I don't notice that issue, I test on Mac Air with Intel HD4000 and on a Samsung Notebook with Intel HD4000. Both are sharp.

    This is definitely a case of funky GPU drivers on that particular setup from your colleague.

  • bummer.. thanks!

  • Hey , would you be able to take a *fullscreen* screenshot of cosmochoria from steam and post it here? id love to see what you're seeing...

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  • Looks fine to me.

    On both PC (Radeon R290) and Notebook (Intel HD4000).

  • crazy, thanks - definitely a driver issue then. appreciated!

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