Animations lagging on mobile vs pc?

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  • I have a 32x32 29 frame animation set up on a player for the jump platform action, animation is set to 120FPS. Testing the animation on Chrome for PC everything runs smooth at 60FPS, when testing on Chrome for android the animation slows down a lot and does not complete before the player lands back on the platform like when I test on Chrome for PC. Construct says the game only uses 39mb memory, so I don't think it would be stressing the phone I'm testing on that hard(Galaxy S4). What could be making the animation lag behind on the mobile browser? Should I be making less frames in the animation when targeting mobile browsers? Is it the 120FPS setting?

  • running an animation at 120 fps while the computer and mobile is running at 60 fps top speed is not useful at the end, since half of them only will be seen (also not sure how C2 handles the fact that the animation is quicker than the actual framerate).

    a 29 frames animation seems really a lot here (since at 120 FPS, it should run the 29 frames in 0.24 seconds), try to see if dividing the number of frames by 2 and the speed of the animation by 2 helps in that case.

  • Use Delta-Time

  • Aphrodite I tried setting the animation to 15 frames then set the fps to 30 and the animation still is so slow on mobile Chrome.

    TGeorgeMihai Not sure what you mean here, Delta time is already on the platform behavior isn't it?

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  • Can you post the .capx file ?

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