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  • By using it I found little things that would make the job easier:

    1) Image points: I can copy it for the whole animation or for every animations. I usually like to keep the animations ordered so I put all in folders and sub-folders for example: Warrior/Walk/(all the walk animations)

    So the suggestion is: could we have a way to copy the points for all the animations in the same folder?

    2) Speed, Loop, etc.. always by following the idea n�1, would be nice if we could set some kind of "default" values for an entire folder, obviously keeping the single animation abilities to override the default...

    3) Color to alpha: I know that applying an effect to do that will makes the game heavier, so could it be possible to add some kind of "filter" to replace the color for the whole image/animation/folder (like the fill tool, just automatically applied to every pixel with a specified color)?

    4) When you create a new animation, the first frame is empty. So, it's possible to remove it automatically if I import frames (by keeping it blank)?

    5) auto-focus on editor window. I find pretty annoying the auto focus when I'm moving with the arrows left/right into the animation frames area or the animations list.

    This happens ONLY when the "set image point" or "set collision polygon" are enabled...

    If it could be disable it will be much appreciated.

    6) consequential files auto-animation: when you drag some image files into the editor, it will automatically creates a sprite with an animation that contains all the images as frames.

    Could it be possible to make different animations for consequential files?

    example: I drag 10 files named walk00, walk01, walk02, etc... and 10 files named idle00, idle01, idle02, etc...

    The idea is to make 1 animation with all the walk* files and another with the idle* files. If there is no index number it could keep making just 1 animation for all images

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