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  • Before I do what I have plan to do, I though to ask you.

    I want to make nice animated logo (few letters appearing from nowhere) for my game but can't make my mind which way I should go.

    I though about using two metods:

    1. One 280x40 image with transparency and xxx frames

    2. 25-30 quite small sprites (max 30x20) and animate them by events.

    My biggest question is: what will work better for browser game?

    Inserting one image with very long animation - thinking about 7s = a lot of frames (aprox. 2kb when everything is displayed on frame) or 30 small images with a lot of events.

    Obviously playing already animated sprite will be easier and faster to implement instead of setting events for every sprite to achieve same looking effect - basic stuff with opacity, size and timing.

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  • Whenever possible, I would recommend animating things by events and sprites. It makes for a much, much smaller download, and actually is smoother than animation frames (unless you're really going to import an animation with 60 frames per second). Yes it's a bit more work, but IMO it's much better.

  • Thanks Ashley. Not affraid of extra work with events, I was more concern about speed and quality after export to web. If I can get better results by making more 100 events than import 100 frames i will go that way :)

    Thanks again.

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