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  • Why isn't the death animation working? Aa animations of walking, running, jumping work normally, but death does not ! I do so for example : If the player collides with "something" runs the death animation. But it doesn't work! Can you please help me? Thank you.


  • A common issue likely because when you collide with something, also the conditions for another animation are true. Which animation is it showing instead? It's walking or idle I guess. For the animation that is showing, you need to go to the events and add a condition 'hp is not 0' or whatever the condition is for death.

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  • Plinkie's method works, there is also a method where you separate the events for the animations and the death animation in groups, a group for common anims and another group or separated event for death;

    When player collide with object, set animations group desactivated and play death anim, then reactivate it on start of layout

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