Animation Bug When hitting wall

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  • Hey guys, I've got a bug driving me crazy here. I just started messing around with construct so forgive me if this is noobish at all.

    The problem I am having is that whenever my duder runs into a wall, he keeps moving for a split second afterwards instead of staying stopped when he first hits the wall. This causes a really jittery animation bug because it's going from run to idle to run to idle. Its driving me nuts. Any suggestions?

  • Please, use dropbox instead of google docs, when possible.

    You'll need to event these situations to avoid the maximum number of exception.

    the sandBOX on my signature will drive you to page where have a CAPX, you can download it and ready the events, to see how I handled innumerably situations, and one of them is your walking issue.

  • Many thanks, sir!

  • Been pretty busy lately so I hadn't had a chance to check this out until now, but while this is a pretty awesome/extensive example, it doesn't really solve my problem, since the character never changes animations when running into a wall, he just bounces.

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  • You can try comparing values (system expressions) to make sure your player is completely stopped when next to a wall, like so..

    +Player.Platform.Xvelocity > 0

    +Has wall to right

    -Set X velocity to 0

    +Player.Platform.Xvelocity < 0

    +Has wall to left

    -Set X velocity to 0

    Or you can use collision offset instead of "has wall to." Might work, atleast ^^; I forgot how I did it for my games.

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