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  • Hello I wonder if it is possible to create a Animated Children's Story Book App for Android Powered Device using Construct 2!

    Well I have 3 year's kids name poltu and he love mobile game to play on my android phone. So I have decided to build a story book in native story and language with sound too. Then after doing few days research on net I found Construct 2 and watch some video on it and found it is very easy to use and even a non technical person can use this too like me.

    So If any one can tell me if Construct 2 is able to build Animated Children's Story Book Apps for Android? And if so then please can anyone suggest me a nice little tutorial on this?

    And finally, I'm just a new guy in town, so If I made any wrong posting this topic in this particular forum please take it easy and I'll appreciate if any one ans my thread here and help me to build a story book app for my 3 year's kids :)

    Thank you,


  • Can you do it - Yes.

    Tut. for it - No (go through the beginners and then the manual)

    On Android - Yes.

    Easy to get it to work on Android - Depends of how techsavvy you are.

  • Dear HerrC,

    Thank you very much for your kind suggestion. I'm glad to know that it is possible using Construct 2.

    Now for the tutorial .... yes I should go for Beginners Guide. And by tutorial I just want a guideline, Because as fer I know Construct 2 is mainly used for making 2d games, so I was really excited how it can be useful for making story book, what is the different way that really involved to build story book using construct 2.

    Anyway HerrC - Thank you very much again.


  • Hello Does any one actually make a Animated Story Book App using Construct 2 Already? Is there any one out there, so that I can see how effect it is! This is all my curiosity about construct 2.

  • Just purchase Construct 2 and let see how to make a story book.

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  • entire3d What resolution are you looking at targeting? You'll need to make sure you keep an eye on memory management as that seems to be one of the biggest pitfalls with interactive books.

  • Just purchase Construct 2 and let see how to make a story book.

    I would think it would be very easy to make that. As long as you have a good story and the art resources, the actual coding in Construct 2 would be hardly anything.

    If you want to have the reader actually interactive with the story and do more than just pick the next page or something on the page, then the game could grow in complexity.

    But, I think this is a good idea and would like to see your finished idea.

  • Both thehen and Manley23 -

    Well as I'm new in construct 2 ... I don't know how to use this for making a story books app. But I'll go for it using construct 2.

    And for app design what I'm planning is -

    # First of all this would be a very simple but elegant story book, where people can go to page after page and a female voice would read the story for the user.

    # Few puzzle type games will be added in this story book

    # And finally people can purchase more story and can download it with in this app

    Now I'm not sure how to do that and I just start learning construct 2. I already purchase a good tutorial on it (Video) and I'm studying this.

    And thehen ... As you say managing memory would be a great problem for this story book making. In this case I'll talk to scirra member if they can help me on this.

    Also If anybody already try to do the same thing and share here would be great KB for me.

    And finally I'm expecting little help from all of you my friend's, hope you will help me when I need some help and I'll update this topic as the progress goes.

    Thank you

  • entire3d sounds like a nice project.

    I'd recommend that you plan your project before jumping into dev. Then when you have a firm idea of scale, create placeholder assets at the right resolutions and test on your target devices from the very beginning.

    Using up memory is very easy with a story book style game on Android. Keeping an eye on it and understanding scope is key.

    Best of luck!

  • entire3d

    the main problem you're likely to run into is the need to use large images (and many of them) which in many cases might fill the entire page and take up a lot of memory (not such a problem for a PC game, but thinks can get tricky when it comes to mobile).

    With optimisation or creative thinking however, it can still be done. One link worth checking out, which I've included here, is the game 'No-One Has To Die' simply because that shows how to tell a good story with puzzle elements and not over use the visuals

    No One Has To Die:

    Another useful links is the Performance Tips from Ashley/Tom.

    Performance Tips:

    Also, if you can turn large images into tiles rather than one gigantic sprite this can save memory, as can turning the export option for the artwork to 'PNG-8' rather than 'PNG-32', which can be done from the Edit Animations screen within Construct 2.

    Test on your Android device as you go using the preview on mobile option, and set up a text box to display how many frames per second you're getting (if you get 30 or above, then that's perfectly fine. If not, optimise more) Also keep an eye on the memory display at the bottom of the screen (I think I read somewhere that games for mobile should aim to be at the very least under 64mbs memory size).

    Anyway, best of luck with the book. I look forward to seeing how it develops over the coming months. Fortunately you're in good company as there's a lot of really helpful people here (and whenever I've got stuck, I've always managed to find an answer by doing a quick search in the Forum or Tutorials section).

  • thehen - My Friend Still I'm learning the Construct 2 and I already purchase a good video tutorial on it from Udemy. And I after the learning period I'll design my story books plan in to my notepad and papers and then I will got for development and your advice is really a boost for me, Thank you very much for your kind advice :)

    Dave Hailwood - There is no question that you people are really Bravehearted, I really appreciate this. And Thank's for this 2 link, I think definitely those will boost my knowledge.

    And for the graphic I must optimize them for web format and of course in png 8 format so that the image size gets lower. Hope this will help to improve my apps performance.

    And by the way, I already build a small level with 5 event and a titled background and with few character and I compile it with cocoonjs and tested in to my android powered device and wah! it is running great. Now as this is too small may be that's why it is running fast but when the things will be large then may be there will be some problem.

    But I'm not scared any more, because of you people.......Thank's to all real friend who are replying my thread and I'm very surprised watching and reading them.

    I feel I'll be a C2 person day by day and I already promise my self that I'll stick with C2, because I found it is awesome and I know C2 developer are also trying to update their product more then we thought, so will get more feature and advantage in newer future.

    Thank you, Thank you very much all of you.


  • entire3d

    Welcome to the family! I think there will be plenty of help around here to help you place a giant smile on your children's face. You have inspired me to want to try an interactive book type app. I'm also thinking about making a little music video off of a little whimsical song I wrote last weekend. I made my first little slideshow app the other day, so I'll probably build off of that. I know I too will be seeking help here, as I have been having troubles with sounds in FF.

    Good luck with your new book!

  • Here's a few more useful links to topics from people who've already explored the Children's Interactive Book concept with c2:

  • Auntie Val

    Amazing! It would be great and I believe I would get a chance to learn from you then.

    Dave Hailwood

    Your help is something I can't explain. you are simply a good man and a good friend's. Thank you, Thank you very much.

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