Angle(Degrees) Standartization

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  • Hey.

    Am I the only one finding the whole "0 degrees points right" thing very confusing?

    When making something i constantly have to think in different degrees as some functions use normal North-based 0 degrees while others use the East-based 0 degrees.

    I would love the ability to be able to manually set where 0 degrees lies. Somewhere in the Project settings for example.

    Different angles would be useful in different games so the ability to change it sounds very useful to me at least.

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  • No your not the only one. I had some confusing adjustment times. I think it's because angle 0 is considered direction right on a earth horizontal plane. I also find 0Right is often used in trigonometry.

    However, you are right. Often I find that angle 0 is either UP in other 2D tools or DOWN in 3D.

    You will adjust :P

  • We can't really change it because there are too many plugins and behaviors (including third party ones which we don't have control over and can't change), tutorials and manual entries which already use this method.

    FWIW, it makes sense mathematically, because the formula for movement at an angle is:

    dx = cos(angle) * speed

    dy = sin(angle) * speed

    cos(0) = 1 and sin(0) = 0, therefore angle 0 is moving to the right.

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