Angle Rotation 90 Degree Steps in Editor

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  • Hello there,

    if i turn sprites in the editor with the handle,

    it is not easy to reach the 90,180,270 Angles.

    An additional entering of the correct angle value is necessary.

    I've searched the forum and manual, without sucsess.

    May be a shortcut like sizing a sprite with shiftkey could be very helpful, particularly turning tiles.

    Thank's a lot

  • I agree that having the rotation handle conform to whole numbers (1,2,3 etc (not 1.0923)) would be useful, and I suppose using shift for quickly setting either 15� o 45� angles would be nice.

    Still, manually inputting the angles is hardly inconvenient.

    **Keep in mind, Sallami12, that you can also doubleclick your sprite, and click one of the "rotate 90�" buttons found there, for easy 90� rotations. If you hold shift while clicking this button, you can rotate all of the animations for that sprite by the same degree.

  • You CAN hold shift while rotating the sprite and it snaps to multiples of 5.

  • Sorry, no 5 Degrees during shiftkey in my Release 101 ???,

    Thanks for the tip teahousemoon (whatabeautifulname), but on doubleclick, whole sprites rotate, not only the instance. ?

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  • I just checked and holding shift to rotate in increments of 5 degrees works in r101.

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