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  • So.. now that there is html5 support i had a few questions for people out there using construct2...and sorry if people may have answered some of these questions elsewhere.. but..?

    Has anyone here released anything made with construct2 for the android marketplace? and could you tell me about your experience developing with construct2 for android/html5 etc.. and how are your sales if you are willing to share that..

    what about ipad/iphone anyone release anything on there? will apple even accept games made with construct2 to the marketplace? since i know how they are pretty picky especially about people developing on windows or not with their specific dev tools and so forth..

    Basically I just got an android phone and been thinking of using construct2 to make a game that would be perfect for touch controls and a pretty simple twist on top down gameplay.. and I have some previous experience with construct.. so just curious also how people are liking construct2 and the new features like the bestest?

    my girlfriend has an ipad so i was kinda thinking i would make this game i have started work on.. for both ipad/android since i figure it would be easy to release on both.. any thoughts on that?

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  • that would interest me too. has anybody done crossplatform release?

  • I've really enjoyed using C2 and am well into making my first game for Android. Speed varies from device to device but so far so good. I export using phonegap as I feel the speed is abit quicker and I can easily hide the notification bar which is an issue with appmobi as far as I am aware. But thats just me. I'm sure other prefer appmobi.

    My only issue is I've been struggling to get my app to support multiple screen sizes. I've seen and the tutorials on supporting multiple screen sizes but I just can't get it. My project is set at 800x480 and works fine on my friends Samsung GSII, fits perfect. However, on my Xperia Play the screen is short and the game repeats itself to fill the gap, displaying a 'tiling' effect. I've set crop mode, scale mode etc etc and still no fix.

    I'm wondering if I need to change the default size of my project before exporting?

  • phonegap has no sound, appmobi has sound. Thought that was worth mentioning.

  • However, on my Xperia Play the screen is short and the game repeats itself to fill the gap, displaying a 'tiling' effect.

    The tiling effect is a known bug in Construct 2, hopefully it will be fixed soon. It's a tricky one but it's not your game set up wrong, it's a bug.

  • Thank you for letting me know, I've spent so much time researching phonegap and appmobi and reading up on here to try and fix it. Now I know to just save my time and wait for the bug fix, whenever ever this may be :)

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