[Android]Game loading takes forever? Let's get it fixed.

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  • Do you have sounds in your project?

    If you do, chances are your long game loads on Android are due to chrome's sluggish audio decoding.

    Yes, this affects phonegap and crosswalk too.

    But guess what? There's a bug report. By Ashley himself. Which can be starred. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil">

    https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issu ... ?id=424174

    You know the drill.


  • Done. good job finding all the bug we need fixed. I think if we keep reporting the bugs like this we will have all the one we need fixed in no time at all

  • +1. Good find.

  • Voted.

  • Voted.

    I think that Ashley should pin (on the top of the forum) topic with issues to vote

    anyway I thought that if I will make simple app with Crosswalk - it will be fine. But now I see that there will be problems with lots of small audio files, ehh. So situation on Android is really terrible - you can't get good money on free app using CocoonJS ( ludei and still no native AdMob ads) and you can't make smooth game/simple app with many sounds with Crosswalk.

  • I tweeted that issue since they're being slow with it. Generally that gets a bunch more stars!

    I prefer to give Google time to fix issues, but if they're outstanding for a couple of months, don't show much activity, and are serious impact, then I will tweet/facebook/g+ them to get them some more attention. That worked well with the Chrome v-sync issue too. It's not something that I think is generally necessary though.

  • Ashley , maybe a sticky thread with all the links to your reports would be useful.Not to spam them, but just to follow.

  • When this issue might be fixed?

    It was reported on Oct 16, 2014 and still nothing?

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  • Well, this is not quite the firestorm that the janking issue was. That affected pretty much everybody, whereas this issue just affects the Android environment.

    So far, another ~40 people starred this since a few days ago, but the jank topic got starred by 400 people, which is a big difference.

    Still, I wish someone from Google would chime in and at least say 'boo' or 'we're working on it' or 'deal with it, plebs'.

    Load time makes a difference, and as it stands, this slow decoding adds a big, unnecessary delay every time someone starts your app.

    I've had to adapt in my current game and stagger manual sound preloads, but that has meant bulking out the intro by inducing little delays on startup for the prescroll, title screen, and menu, for when decoding is taking too long. It's more aesthetically pleasing than "ye ole lodeing geare", but it puts me at a disadvantage none-the-less.

  • TiAm

    I want to make app with 60-70 layouts, each layout will contain i.e. max. 10 audio files; not music, just voice

    I want to use Crosswalk becasue I'm going to use non-latin alphabet and I want native AdMob ads,

    what approach would you advice?

  • szymek

    Preload sounds manually at the start of each layout. How long are the sounds? If they are short, you shouldn't have any trouble.

  • TiAm

    It can be like 5 x 1 second, 5 x 2-3 seconds (it will be education app, so it will depends on actual topic);

    anyway I hope that it will be fine

    and as jayderyu told me: even Unity has some problems with audio latency on Android

  • Bumping.

    If you haven't starred this issue, please take a few seconds to do so. It's a really significant problem on mobile devices, and there hasn't been an update from google in over 3 months now...

  • ★+1

    This is very important issue. My game takes about 10 seconds to load. Now when I imagine it could be 2 sec......ahhh, hopefully, they'll fix it soon.

  • My last game takes 30s because of only one music that is 2min long (I know, I couldn't shorten more because I created myself the loop upon an already done cc music). The rest have less than 1second of sound effects.

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