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  • I've been using Construct Classic for the better part of a year and I'm considering upgrading to Construct 2 but I have some questions that weren't covered in the FAQ.

    I notice that if you earn over $5,000 from Construct projects you need to upgrade to a business license. It seems the only way Scirra would be able to enforce that is if you publish through them. Are we locked into publishing through the arcade or could we put our apps in the Google Play store?

    When you export do you get source code to build from, binary files, or does it work like Construct Classic's desktop publishing where it bundles it with an interpreter? In other words, if I needed features that Construct didn't support would I be able to export, load the resulting files in Eclipse, and add them in there?

    How much control does the user have over the exported files? Let's say I get started on a project, I decide I want to decouple it from Construct (maybe collaborating with someone who doesn't have it and doesn't plan on getting it or get a nice framework built up and then do the rest through Eclipse), so I export it for Android. Is it pretty much tied to Construct from start to finish? And who do the exported files belong to? Does Scirra still claim rights to them?

  • You can freely publish on Google Play. You don't have to show your income to Scirra :)

    You can use CocoonJS or Crosswalk for Android export (you can't use external SDKs, only Construct 2 + plugins)

    You can use PhoneGap to get access to Eclipse, but PhoneGap is slow

  • I've been digging around in the forums and from what I understand regardless of platform Construct delivers an HTML 5 game. Cross platform support seems to be supported strictly through wrappers. Is this accurate?

    I'd like to stick with the Construct series since, other than a few differences between Classic and the current one, I pretty much know it. However, I need something that's faster than coding in Eclipse but can export to Android without the need for wrappers.

  • Everything here is wrappers for mobile for the most part. CocoonJS, PhoneGap, Ejecta, Crosswalk, etc... The only exception for the most part are Tizen and Windows Phone when it comes to mobile platforms.

  • as BluePhaze mentioned: you can't generate Android or iOS file directly from Construct 2. Anyway wrappers are now good enough (CocoonJS) and getting better (Crosswalk)

  • are CocoonJS & Crosswalk the best wrappers for C2 gaming apps on mobiles?

  • bjadams, I've just relesed a very simple app using phonegap build. The performane of phonegap is not as good as the 2 you mention, but the loading time is way faster than cocoonjs (with no splash, unless you want one) and the file size is + 3mb, so I think it's also worthy of consideration. The cloud Build service will also compile for iOS..... but if you want ads then I don't know if it would meet your needs.

  • Phonegap uses a web view and does not support WebGL so any more complex games are going to run horribly or not at all on it.

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  • phonegap is great for productivity style apps, but not so sure for games

  • I agree. I't ok for simple puzzle or word search type games, but if you start moving things around then it bogs down quickly.

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