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  • So I have created a few Android games with CS2 but they all have had their troubles.

    I used appmobi (Intel AppCenter) to finalize these games but one of them didn't even end up working properly compared to the PC version. There was also a few lag issues that I came across.

    I was wondering, has everything been fixed yet? Can I make a perfect android game with CS2 in a sense that it works perfectly like to tested pc version and it has no lag issues?

  • Yep, you just need to use CocoonJS.

    Tho you can't make a "perfect PC copy" - Your PC is like 100 times faster than most Android devices. What runs fine on the PC might run horribly on Android even with Cocoon's acceleration.

    But if you ask if it will look the same on Android as it does on PC, yea, CocoonJS will do that.

    That's the best tool for porting to Android. Gives amazing performance and even supports WebGL effects!

  • Just be aware, CocoonJS is pretty much broken atm. Crashes galore. Haven't been able to test my game out for about 2 months.

    Want to change layout? Crash.

    Want to use physics? Crash.


    The thing is, the longer it takes to be fixed, the more time I spend adding stuff to my game, so I guess it's a good thing in some ways :)

  • CocoonJS is NOT broken. It works pretty nice for me and all of my physics games run perfectly on it.

    And yes, I am using CocoonJS 1.4.

    It's only some actions that crash it atm but that will be fixed for next update.

  • Xionor

    Are you able to change layouts with a physics game?

    If you can, you're one of the lucky minority. If you can't. That's because CocoonJS is 'pretty much' broken.

  • AnD4D


    I have the games on a single layer.

    Just tired to change it, won't change layer.

    Game still runs fine, it doesn't crash or anything, it simply doesn't change the layer.

    Am at work now, will do more extensive test later at home.

  • CocoonJS is NOT broken.

    CocoonJS IS broken. The new audio engine crash every gingerbread device I tested.

  • Hello everybody!

    I want to publish a game on PlayStore. I'm new on C2, so I didn't finish my first game yet. Are you saying that I can't manage more than one layout per game???


    I see in your post from February that your game Clyde it was almost ready. As I see in your last post, I guess you didn't publish yet, isn't it? Some tips?

  • I see in your post from February that your game Clyde it was almost ready. As I see in your last post, I guess you didn't publish yet, isn't it? Some tips?

    Unfortunately I didn't work at my game for two months due to a bad case of measle (!!!) with severe complications. Now I'm polishing the game. I hope to release it in september, but I'm also waiting for a stable cocoonjs update.

    You can use more than one layout. I'm using 40+ layouts and the game runs fine (except audio problems, but they're not related to the layout number). It might be a physics related problem. Since I don't use any physics object in my game I didn't have any issue.

  • Knifegrinder

    I hope you're better! Thank you for your quick answer and I will be expecting for your release even if I can't download games that are made with C2 (I have a Samsung GT-S5360 with Android 2.3.6 and any of the games that are in the post "C2 Games on Google Play Android Market" works on my device). I will use some friend's phone.

  • CocoonJS Support .ogg audio ?

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  • CocoonJS Support .ogg audio ?

    Until 1.3 CocoonJS supported m4a.

    Now it support (badly) only ogg.

  • I have been trying to use CocoonJS. I was able to release my game in Windows Phone without any issue. I was trying to use the same code (which works in HTML5) to release it for Android / iOS. I tried CocoonJS with a HTC Vivid with Ice Cream and the game crashes right away. :(

    I read a lot of info and also tried with PhoneGap. No luck. Any other idea? I haven't tried yet with XDK.


  • gfigueroa

    if black screen then disable "Accelerated" mode

    if no black screen, just crash, then maybe memory issues?

  • Thanks szymek... No black screen, it does load the game and it freezes after some seconds. It does work perfectly fine on a windows phone. Besides that, how can I set it up for portrait only with cocoonjs... It does transform the file as landscape... Thanks again

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