Android does not support Speech Recognition & Synthesis

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  • I have made a game that uses speech recognition and speech synthesis. Its working on the PC in any browser and all the controls are shown as in the image in the link below: (you have to manually paste it in browser because i am not allowed to post urls)

    Using Intel XDK i converted my game into and android .apk file but it does'not work on android.

    I used the if, else conditions to make sure that if the speech recognition or synthesis is not supported then the browser should return an error message "This browser does not support Speech recognition and synthesis". And the browser generated it. It means the android browser is not supporting speech functionality in android

    *Point: Its not the issue of Construct 2 or Intel Crosswalk. The main issue is that android browsers doesn't support Speech Recognition and Speech synthesis also, as shown in the android captured image below: (you have to manualy paste it in browser because i am not allowed to post urls) (Detailed view with error in red line)

  • What version of Chrome does Crosswalk use?

  • What version of Chrome does Crosswalk use?


    Lowest version is cw7 with chromium 36 and according to the list you should be ok, but I'd go with the latest to be sure - cw12 uses chromium 41

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  • The problem is not on the PC. It occurs when i am trying to run game on android as i already mentioned.

    I installed the apk on my mobile and then opened it. The game tries to use the android native browser. There is no option to select a particular browser for it but it automatically opens in the android's native browser which is unable to play speech.

  • Noga

    I mentioned that there is no choice to select a particular browser when the game stars. It automatically opens in the android phone's native browser having no navigation controls upon it. I have no choice to open my game in a any other browser.

    Can you tell me about the DD (Daily Dose) game? is it made in Construct 2? and does it supports speech recognition or synthesis?

  • ibikhan1234

    I found this topic, looks like it there's a problem with it.....

    I've always thought Crosswalk is the same as desktop Chrome and it's actually based on Chrome for Android, so according to the table

    that API should be supported in the Chromium 42, which equals to the Crosswalk 13 (hopefully soon in XDK), but I'll ask


    he should be able to help you better.

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