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  • I have seen in videos and on here in various posts that programming for mobile can pose lots of problems. I am curious what kind of problems a platform game like a Lunar Lander type would pose when developed for Android? It seems simple platform games should be easily handled by Android considering all the really cool games available on Google Play. I haven't seen anyone describe why Android games aren't good to program with Construct 2.

    I am wanting to make a game to play on the nVidia Shield TV system, which is the most powerful Android device on the market. So before I get to far into this, could someone please explain some of the problems to me?

    Thanks, and sorry for being extremely noobish.

  • Sincerely, I already did and it worked flawless and light, go ahead and do it without worries.

    Also, in 2019 I'm planning to be working on a simple universe using this "concept", where you'll be able to go from the Earth to the moon and establish the first colony outside the Earth, but right after, another humans will do the same and the game will really starts.

    Everybody will be playing online for a period of 15 min each round, cleaning the world after it and starting again, also setting a scoreboard with the best scores and users.

    As a player, your main objective will be land and establish colonies on Planets, Dwarf Planets, Satellites and Spacial bodies.

    By establishing more colonies, setting trade routes and defending your empire, you'll note the easy to learn and the difficult to master behavior of this game, hehe, landing without dying, tracking your resources, expanding, defending, making alliances and avoiding hitting debris while travelling.

    Also, it will have some little behaviors, like the possibility to go out of your lander and explore the surface to build defenses, expand your industrial builds or living areas.

    Everything for mobiles.

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  • I played a game sort-of like that years ago on the Apple PC my older brother had. I loved it. You colonized, scouted for resources to build with, and searched for new planets while fighting battles with neighbors. It was a great game.

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