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  • I was thinking it would be really cool to look at the current state of our exports, and find the absolute best way to export performance wise, and create a cool little guide, I would be willing to do this, and my first step is researching, what is the VERY best way as far as performance to export with intel xdk/crosswalk, what are your experiences?

  • I've found, on mobile, rotation is something to be very aware of. As in, on a lower end device, even a handful of rotating objects can incur a massive performance hit, especially if you are rotating them every tick.

    This isn't some shortcoming of C2 either: rotation is just a very expensive operation to perform compared to, say, moving an object around.

    There's plenty of other good advice for mobile, but this is something I haven't seen mentioned very often, even though it can grind a game to a halt.

  • yes, i had that issue, with a game i had scaled at 160x90 px and really small audio, i could not wonder why it was soo laggy, like 15 fps, i think it might have been rotation, also maybe scaling slows things down, i've heard optimal resolution is something like 320x240, is that still the case?

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  • 320x240 seems like it would look pretty bad unless you are going for a pixel-art style. Or is that what you are talking about?

  • Yea, i like pixel art, what is the max resolution you would reccomend when targeting android?

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