Android export: CocoonJS vs. Crosswalk

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  • Almost 10 days passed since release of my simple platformer game, so I have a few words of summary about Construct 2 and Android export options.

    CocoonJS ludei

    + it loads quite fast (4 seconds)

    + it has smaller APK

    + game looks smooth, enemies moves smooth

    + interstitials with MoPub are complete tragedy

    In last 24 hours I had over 3000 ad requests, but only 11-12% fillrate from AdMob. I also used backfill from MoPub Marketplace. Unfortunetly clicks from MoPub are terrible joke (I had setup min. 1 eCPM and got clicks worth less than 1 cent. EDIT: after refresh it seems that CPC usually was 1c). In summary all fillrate = 27%. But money from AdMob is 3x bigger than pennies from MoPub Marketplace.

    So is it worth to make game with CocoonJS + MoPub + AdMob interstitials? Absolutely not. This is one of the bigger mistakes in my dev history.

    Crosswalk IntelRobert

    + it loads longer

    + it has bigger APK

    + game does not look 100% smooth, I see microjittering in enemies movement, in background movement and so on

    In general game works well, but micro-jittering is visible. And it's not nice to play platformer game with visible jittering. But Crosswalk has native AdMob And much better eCPM and fillrate.

    Of course I could still use normal banners with CocoonJS, but it also has weak fillrate (40-50%) comparing to native/Crosswalk apps (90-99%), and just looks worse.

    Summing up: I think I have made OK game, but I can't earn on CocoonJS with AdMob interstitials and I don't want to release game with micro-jittering. Ehh...

  • Did you use the latest Ludei plugin? What's your rates for what you accept for ads like 1c or 5c?

  • Helladen

    Yes, I downloaded the latest Ludei plugin. For AdMob I had set up 0.01 eCPM (to accept every ad) and for MoPub Marketplace I had setup 1$ eCPM. Now I will test 1.5 eCPM.

    And in real life terms: ~60 clicks from AdMob gave me 4.5$

    ~170 clicks from MoPub Marketplace gave me 1.9$

  • CJS canvas+ is generally better for smaller games due to small file size, faster loading etc.

    I still prefer Crosswalk/XDK for Android, its got really good plugin options, proper full-screen immersive mode for 4.4+, positional audio (works really well with headphones) and multiplayer if your game needs it.

    For my games, the smoothness advantage of CJS canvas+ is gone, I notice periodic stutters even worse than Crosswalk. I find my larger fleet battles remain smooth on Crosswalk and I have not had any complaints regarding stutters (which I notice myself, but it goes away after ~30s in-game, strange).

    When I did use AdMob directly with Crosswalk, I found the fillrate was >90%, most of the time 99%. With MoPub, the banner fillrate was ~80%. I did not use fullscreen Ads so I can't comment.

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  • I got similar feeling that after some time game works more smooth on Crosswalk. But it is useful only in case game like yours (= when player spends lots of time on big layout) than simple platformer. But I agree that Crosswalk looks nice (not counting this micro-jittering issue). And native AdMob is much, much better than MoPub. My friend has 99% on fullscreen ads and 3 eCPM. Maybe I will have to put banners on the bottom of the screen (just to earn something more), and then wait for better Chromium.

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