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  • Yesterday I purchased my first tablet and quickly found that I could not stand the ads on free games for my 2 and a half year old as he is drawn to touching them.

    So, I went to construct and have started making the games that he likes to play.

    I created a simple yet pretty fun bug smashing game for him and have found the only way so far to be able to allow him to play it is through preview over wifi. The game runs great on chrome and firefox with fullscreen but better with chrome. Unfortunately I only get sounds through firefox and not chrome so I am still working through that.

    Anyhow to the point:

    I am completely new to android and have no idea how to actually get this game on our tablet for my son so he has something to do when they are out since preview over wifi is not a viable solution in the car (no internet in the car).

    I really have no interest in uploading my games to a store or anything else unless I have to?

    Thanks for any help and advice on the subject.


    I ended up just hosting my game at for now until I get more knowledge on what I am doing.

  • 1/ Make your app and export it to CocoonJS version [remember to add any ID to your app, like: com.twinsonian. ]

    2/ Make account at CocoonJS and upload (compile) your project [again put ID to your app, set i.e. Stretch To Fill etc) 3/ You will get on your e-mail account link to compiled archive, there will be:

    • debug signed APK
    • release not signed APK

    You copy debug signed APK (in normal situation it is use for testing purposes only), copy to your tablet and install (tablet will ask you if install app from other source and you have to agree)

    Release not signed APK is for Google Play publishing, so you ignore it

    That's all

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