Android browsers not scaling right?

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  • If I use fullscreen Scale or Letterbox Scale on my android tablet, I noticed that the browser somehow cuts some considerable space from the bottom (I'd say around 30-50 pixels on a 320x480 game), which doesn't happen on the desktop. I tried Firefox, chrome and the default browser and all do the same thing.

    However, on chrome for android there is an option you can activate to display the website like if it were on a computer, and when I activate that the scale seems fine with very minor black bars.

    Anyone knows why this happens? I tried the Space Blaster demo and it did scale fine so maybe it's a resolution issue.

    I'd rather not post my .capx right now because it's the full game and it's finished, I'll investigate more tomorrow anyway and see if I can create a .capx demo or something.

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  • Ok, so I solved the issue, turns out the culprit was the Construct 2 option of "Hide adress bar" in project properties. Before, it was set to Yes, I changed it to NO and it works as intended now.

    I'm not really sure how this option works because it wasn't hiding the address bar at all in the tablet's multiple browsers, maybe it only works on mobile phones?

    Anyway, I'm guessing that the option wasn't working properly and the game was probably cutting out the space of the address bar or something like that.

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