Android Api Level 21+ without Crosswalk

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  • Hello,

    I am just trying to remove Crosswalk from my android game. I just removed crosswalk plugin from my cordova game project and set the api level 21. But the game runs 5-10fps on devices. With Crosswalk, it was 55-60fps.

    Also on devices over Construct 2 Preview from network, chrome runs 55-60fps solid.

    Ashley writes there is no need crosswalk for devices over api level 21. But i couldn't make it work.

    Test Devices: Samsung S4 - 5.0.1 , Huawei G8 - 6.0.1

  • I compiled using Android Studio and got full fps (so using built in webview). I Used the android_manifest.xml from the apk package output (from construct 2). Are you in some some sort of dev mode (debugger) I wonder?

  • Perhaps the GPU is blacklisted. IIRC by default Crosswalk ignores the GPU blacklist. Check chrome://gpu in the Chrome browser on the device to check.

  • Thanks htmlgames and Ashley,

    Ashley, if GPU is blacklisted how does it work on preview lan? It looks better from crosswalk builded native app. Runs perfect smooth.



    1) Exported the game with html5 from Construct 2.

    2) Uploaded to my server.

    3) Opened from chrome and samsung browser on device. It runs Perfect.

    But with Cordova without Crosswalk, it runs 5 fps.

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  • The Samsung Browser is not exactly the same as Chrome, which runs the native web view. Please check chrome://gpu like I suggested.

  • I checked chrome://gpu on Samsung S4 5.0.1 ASHLEY. Yes, it says "GPU is blacklisted so the canvas hardware acceleration is disabled".

    But i don't understand how can it runs perfect smooth on Preview Lan. (I test on the same device' Chrome).


    But in same chrome://gpu, it says "WebGL: Hardware Accelerated" , "WebGL2:Hardware Accelerated" . So on Preview Lan it uses WebGL, on cordova build it uses Canvas, right?

    If so, how can i force it to use WebGL instead of Canvas on Cordova?

    Screenshots of chrome://gpu


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