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  • Silly question probably, but I didn't see any info on adding ads to an Amazon app.

    Do we already have support via the Admob plug?

    Also, anyone used Iap there yet?

  • i think it really depends on how your exporting to Amazon.

    I used the same Crosswalk Apk and they work

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  • Was hoping the official method was supported, but hey at least something works.


  • just to confirm, if we use the new amazon export option, there is no possibility of integrating admob with the construct2 plugin?

    are there other ways to integrate (good) ads ?

  • I see Amazon has ads, at least for mobile.

    No idea how good it is, and/or if we will get support for it.

    As volkiller730 said, Admob seems to work via Crosswalk.

  • thanks! i knew that packaged with XDK, admob works (both crosswalk and "nomal" cordova export) but had hoped there would be an ad solution for the "new" amazon packed app export (and maybe if so that it also could be used for FirefoxOS packaged apps)

    im still hoping ashley or one of the pro plugin writers will make a plugin for Google Interactive Media Ads, that way people could use ads in whatever export and release option they choose.

  • I did this some time ago. Is that what you are looking for?

  • Is that the same as: ... mobile-ads


    Then will it work with just the official C2 export, and will it do other types of ads?

    Actually I'm somewhat confused as to what the official export is.

    Im guessing its just for packaged apps, which doesn't include anything made for mobile.

  • i think you upload a packaged app to amazon and they will wrap it to an apk (with theyre own method) for installation on kindle devices, at least that way it works with the FGL html5promo

  • newt That's the one. If you publish via Amazon you can use a dedicated Amazon ad instead of e.g. Admob. Don't have any experience if it's better or not.

    We have some apps on Amazon, you just use a standard Cordova export. Test it first by dropping it on their app tester to see if it will work on Amazon specific devices, it usually works fine.

  • Arne

    Ok, thanks, will give it a try.

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