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  • Hi,

    I am a newbie and had a very quick question in regards to Construct 2. I have purchased the 'Personal Edition' and wanted to know does this come with the ability to export games for iOS and Android? Other game engines I own are GameMaker: Studio and Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and each of those you have to buy the exporters separately.

    Thank you!


  • yep. if you got personal licence you got it all. export to all

  • That is awesome!

    I purchased the Android developer fee so I am dying to make something and see how the whole Google Playstore stuff works.

    Gonna get started on the tutorials and get creating thanks for you quick answer man!

  • no problemo

    if you need help you can PM me or just ask anything here on forums

  • Thanks very much man. Can tell this is gonna be a great community of devs xD

  • Welcome here

  • Make sure you read the manual and get to know what Construct 2 is capable of. Which is a lot. You've actually gotten started with Construct 2 at a pretty good time. HTML5 games take quite a bit of optimizing for mobile devices but phones have become stronger since the release of Construct 2. Then there's the crowd of people saying: "WE WANT NATIVE EXPORTERS!!!!!". Anyways, if you want to develop for Android or iOS check out Intel XDK (I still haven't used it yet but apparently is the easiest to use with C2) or Cocoon.IO (Which I use, and it's awesome because of Canvas+).

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  • Awesome, thanks guys!

    I am pretty new to mobile development I have been developing a 3D game in UE4 for PC (and hopefully consoles), I started game development in Unity though xD

    I'm primarily a 3D artist. I work in MODO and Zbrush and I do my texture work in Substance Designer and Substance Painter occasionally I use Quixel Suite (Photoshop plugin).

    I am a graphics designer at work and I use Illustrator and Photoshop along with After Effects as my main tools but this is mainly for visual advertising.

    I'm really excited to get started with C2 though it is unbelievably easy to use but the art pipeline is taking some getting used to, I have never made spritesheets, I purchased Spriter on Steam to animate my artwork so I have been getting to grips with drawing elements in a modular fashion.

    Great to be part of the community though, I have seen some incredible work on here xD

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