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  • I searched the forum for WebGL related issues and information and all of the threads that came up were rather old and talked of issues around two years ago

    We have some games that appear to function just fine without WebGL but others that don't, I have a game that has physics and I'm seeing a drop from 60FPS to around 25FPS when WebGL is not used (On Chrome-Windows-Desktop).

    The question I have is, is there any good reason not to just compile all games with use WebGL, or is there a risk of this causing issues?

    The challenge being we'll never really know of the impact unless a user informs us due to the large amount of devices/browser versions out there.

    Perhaps all of the bugs mentioned in the old threads in here an no longer an issue?

    We are compiling on C2 R279


  • Construct 2 is now pretty old - it was first released in 2011, and so has a lot of legacy baggage that isn't needed any more. That includes the canvas2d renderer (used if you disable WebGL). WebGL can be ~10x faster and is now ubiquitously supported. The only reason there's an option is because years ago, it wasn't widely supported, but now it is. So just leave WebGL enabled. It's so widely supported that Construct 3 dropped the old canvas2d renderer and only uses WebGL.

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  • Thanks for the prompt reply Ashley.

    I'll have the WebGL turned on for all games

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