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  • Is there any alternatives to webstorage that use indexdb or to save instead of localstorage? LocalStorage cant be used for a offline chrome packaged app.

  • This is a known issue. Ashley is has requested google to bring back localstorage for the purpose of legacy software.

    Personally I wish him luck, but I have my doubts google is going to. I suspect C2 will just need to adopt indexdb going forward.

  • Ok. It seems the save/load objects system in C2 already uses indexdb but webstorage uses localstorage. Chrome.sync is preferred for the packaged apps though. Id be willing to help make an extension for it. Anyone else wanna help code this extension?

    I also doubt google will bring localstorage back to package apps because security and it could slow down the browser/os

  • with this i could complete my 2d side scrolling mmorpg that includes a time traveler class...

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  • I thought about writing a indexdb storage plugin last night, but then I tought about it. It's likely that if google doesn't end up bringing back local storage. Ashley will need to shim WebStorage or make a new plugin anyways. And since I don't have anything coming out for Android soon it's not a big rush for me.

  • Right. its a chrome specific problem right now. I know scirra will have to update webstorage soon. Hopefully they use the Chrome storage sync api because it looks very easy to implement. Ill start on a demo extension to prove it.

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