Alternative to object variables?

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  • I noticed my project is probably taking forever to start a preview because I had to put a ton of variables in a lot of objects in many layouts. I was wondering if there's a better alternative to adding variables to objects to store things like UID of other objects to associate them properly.

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  • corlenbelspar

    adding variables to objects is a great way to do things. Variables take up very little room. The graphics, sounds, music take up a lot more memory.

    Try exporting and running to see if that takes an acceptable amount of time to start, and compare that to a preview.

    Or try running the debugger and see what is slowing things down.

  • Yeah object variables are your best bet I think. I tried plopping all object variables into arrays once. Very cumbersome to deal with and didn't improve speed any, at least as far as I could tell.

  • Yeah you guys are probably right. I was just thinking it was taking a while because one of my layout files is 43mb, for example. I didn't think it was the graphics or audio because my music is done through NSF files and a JS NSF player, my sound effects are very short, though numerous with over 100 currently, and my graphics are for 320x240 because my game is NES-stylized.

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