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  • - that appears to be an unrelated issue, please file a bug report following all the guidelines to pursue that further.

    at09 - normally Google are more helpful; I've posted a comment to try to get a more detailed explanation. However you really are late to the party here - we've been through this, repeatedly, and at length, in the past already, and as best as we're aware, the majority of Android devices are working fine and we get relatively few complaints about it, especially with the latest fixes (e.g. this issue which got fixed for Chromium 67). In short, all the other workarounds were unreliable hacks, and even if the webview is slower, it's still better. The other "workarounds" were plagued by terrible issues: major features entirely missing; showstopper bugs like memory leaks or crashes that never got fixed; Crosswalk bloated the APK size by 17mb which a lot of people complained about; relying on third-parties who can shut down at any time; non-compliant features that complicate the codebase and significantly slow down development; limited features seriously impeding our ability to write and support new features; etc. etc. Even if webview isn't as fast, I am seriously glad to see the back of all those "workarounds". Slow and working is still better than fast and broken.

    The issue is frequently muddied by a range of other problems such as:

    - people disabling software updates and getting a slow, out-of-date system webview

    - buggy graphics drivers forcing software rendering (the alternative being crashes or game-ruining glitches, caused by the poor native tech, not the web tech)

    - inefficiently designed games e.g. consuming all the device's fillrate, then blaming the engine/device/browser

    - issues which only reproduce on some devices for some people, while other people with the same device cannot reproduce it

    - issues on devices which are too old to be supported by the vendor any more, so no updates are possible

    - lack of public data on the support of WebView vs. browser, making it difficult to objectively measure the extent of such issues

    In short it's very difficult to investigate, or even to get to the point where the cause of a problem is definitively known. It's still the best option for the long-term though: as mentioned any other option raises problems so much worse that they're hardly worth considering. We need to focus on getting the WebView to work as well as possible, since it's the only reasonable option.

  • I also think long term reliability is better than short term hacks, i will try to optimise my game further to make it faster!

    And will file the bug soon!

    Thanks everyone for helping especially Ashley!

  • at09 - normally Google are more helpful; I've posted a comment to try to get a more detailed explanation.

    Ashley Google replied to your comment and pretty much acknowledged that webview will have poor performance. They also stated ”There isn't much apps can do to influence this. Chrome custom tabs / pwa is the way to go if you want to use chrome's rendering pipeline and still look like an app.”

    Is this an option for us? Would this allow us to upload apps to the AppStore/PlayStore? Would it be possible to use Cordova Plugins?

  • at09

    very constructive idea if possible.....

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  • I've asked for clarification but it sounds like some device's GPU drivers are slow, and WebView uses a different rendering approach that runs in to the slowness where the browser doesn't. This isn't the same as saying the webview will always be slower.

    AFAIK Chrome Custom Tabs show unavoidable browser UI, and you can already publish PWAs (web apps), but they don't appear in the Play Store.

    If there were better workarounds we'd look in to them. As far as I can tell though there aren't any which don't have even worse tradeoffs.

  • Cocoon is up and running again :)

  • Ashley

    Is this possible with construct 2 to Create WebGL based native Android App?

    If there is a workaround for this then we will not need to rely on cocoon webview plus or canvas plus...

  • Construct already uses WebGL-based Android apps.

  • Okay! Sorry, i thought that the link "" is about incorporating inbuilt webgl inside the game.

  • No, it describes using the system webview, which is what Cordova apps already do.

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