Alternate way to make save files over Local storage?

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  • So I've made a save file system for my game, and it works very well on good computers, but I find the load times to be ridicilous on tired hard drives. Is local storage considered the best way to store save files, or are have I taken a backwards approach to this all along? Also is there any way to set the specific folder the save files will be stored in? I can't find the savedata anywhere on my computer!


  • local storage is the way to go.

    If you have to save a lot of stuff - you could split it up in smaller save files (and only save what needs to be saved).

    Local storage with HTML5 is saved and managed within the browser - so you can't delete it just with your file explorer.

    But there shouldn't be a lot of HDD movement - the save files are usually kB size

  • But there shouldn't be a lot of HDD movement - the save files are usually kB size

    True. Having your save data stored in a custom file in JSON format should do the trick.

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  • fm4fanAT

    Yes one would think so, but it really is just that slow on computers with a tired HDD. Even after reformatting/nuking with a clean OS install. Loading 10 local storage files with a binary value of either "0" or "1" can easily take several seconds. Sometimes I've experienced the game doesn't write or load anything before playing the game for at least 5-10 minutes. I only notice this on computers which should've been retired a long time ago, but it's still worrying since it limits my market, and forces me to make lots of loading screens etc.

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