Allowing players to modify and share a game

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  • Hi everyone and happy new year !

    I'm totally new here ^^

    Im' going to buy Construct2 but i need to know if something is possible before buying it.

    I'm looking for the possiblity of creating a standalone game that can be modified by the player, saved in the new version created by the player and shared by the player in a new renamed version.

    Is it possible ?

    And other point, is it possible to make with Construct2 an input field for text that can be used to name the hero of the game for exemple (like in rpgs) ?

    I hope it's possible !

  • 1.) I don't think so.

    2.) Yes.

  • You could build a game editor that lets players modify the game and save the info to an online database which other players can download through Ajax and play. But if your looking for something that will recompile to HTML or exe I believe the answer is no without a very indepth plugin?

  • Thanks for quick answers.


    Ok but i don't know anything about Ajax, i have only basic knowlegde in general programming.

    Then is it possible to :

    • create a generic game
    • allow player to customize that generic game with by exemple hero renamed
    • the new customized version will returns a keycode to memorize all parameters and modifications
    • that keycode can be entered in the generic game to generate the corresponding game


    This won't requiere any space storage to memorize all the game and the games could be registered on a website directory.

  • You could alter/save anything. Example could be you have a racing. Game. You could have a bunch of sprites for the road and sprites for obstacles. The player could login to the editor and move all the sprites around to have different maps. Then when they save, send all the position information to the server with a save name of their choosing. So when a player logs into the game they can enter ther other persons saved map info and play the level.

    It's doable but not for a first game. Try doing some little games/apps first to gain knowledge before doing something like that. Doing it now would caus frustrations and possibly turn you off the wonderful program that constu t2 is.

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  • Ok i will see, thanks for all these ansmers.

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