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  • Hi there! First time here.

    I work for a company where we want to use Construct 2 to create an app that allows the user to create a cool presentation with slides, images, texts and so on. Then, the user clicks a button and publishes the presentation as an .apk or HTML5 for the web. In other words, we want to create a kind of a cool PowerPoint that will be used to create presentations/apps.

    Is it possible to do something like this?

    I know it may sounds absurd, but my life would be much easier and more fun if this can be achieved with Construct 2.


  • The free version allows you to export to HTML5, so why not download that and have a play around at creating a prototype or two, to see if your idea - and C2 - is viable.

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  • Thanks for your answer, zenox98.

    I've been playing around with C2 for about six months. It's just the best and easiest game creator that I've ever seen.

    But my question is more related to the nature of a game framework itself... I want to know if C2 has the capabilities of creating another creation and publishing app...

    I have done a lot of things using Flash/AS3/Starling and I'm quite sure it may be possible using Adobe Air, but as I'm a designer/artist it's way easier to me to create games and other related apps using a tool like C2.

  • I have seen people have made level editors for their C2 games using C2 so I would imagine it is possible to create a presentation-builder app. However don't underestimate the difficulty of doing such a thing, not because C2 is a difficult program to use but the concept is a complex one to execute. You would have to make one app for creating the presentation and exporting the data and make another app that loads and displays the presentation - the same basic concept of the Unity Web Player.

    You will need to plan:

    • How to store the user's entered values for headings, text, animations
    • How to manage each slide, triggers, etc
    • How to store images they have chosen
    • How to package their data to be recalled later by the 'player'
    • How to recall that data

    And so on. This is all perfectly achievable with a lot of thought, planning and clever events management. IMO you would be better off using C2 to build your proof-of-concept prototype (one that is functional) and use it as the blueprint for building in another framework that is geared more towards apps. App frameworks have easier access to libraries you will need to enable cloud storage, payment options, user accounts, exporting etc all things to make it a 'killer' app, or at least one worth using. Good luck! I hope you share your progress on here.

    [EDIT] I guess to integrate cloud storage and the other features I mentioned you could figure out how to build an app 'shell' in another framework that loads the editor you have created in C2 and your own C2 plugin for interacting with that shell.

  • Hey, Trickshot! Thank you so much for your reply! I'm really sorry about the long time to come back here...

    Anyway, what a great answer! I do agree with you! As you said, this kind of project is best suited for a more app oriented framework. I've explained the situation to my boss and he agreed.

    We are going to use C2 now for regular corporate trainning apps.

    I hope you create the best games out there!

    Thanks again!

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