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  • I feel people would be much quicker to invest if they are given this opportunity within the demo, if I where able to test my game on my iphone, I would get much more serious about getting the money to purchase the full version. To actually play your game on your phone is a very influential experience.Now I realize this is a great feature to incentive people to buy the software. But it could be restricted to like 20 event projects only or limited number of uses? Thanks for considering...

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  • Khaz, on How to preview on your iPhone/mobile/whatever:

    Sign up for dropbox or 000webhost.

    Export your project, upload the exported folder through FTP or just drag and drop into your dropbox.

    Plug your URL into your phones browser bar to preview on your iphone/mobile/whatev

    Preview on LAN is a time saving feature that should be saved for the people who purchased it imo. Some things won't work previewing on LAN anyhows!

  • Everyone makes arguments like this about each individual limitation in the free edition, but ultimately we have to put limits in the free edition otherwise we would never sell anything and have to shut down the company!

    Preview on LAN basically shows you what you see if you export, upload to your server, then browse to it on the device - but it makes that workflow instant. So just imagine you can do that whole process instantly.

  • The price of the software is understandably a somewhat substantial financial commitment. Many of us who have followed construct since classic have seen the level of commitment from the developers who appear to work tirelessly to improve and expand this software.

    The free edition in all fairness still allows individuals to create decent games even with the limitations. They should be able to decide whether or not the software will suit their needs whatever they made be from the free edition.

    Requesting the developers to remove limitations and hoping that people's good intentions will pay off is silly. And not supporting a product that is backed by an almost unhealthy commitment to quality from a devoted developer makes kittens cry.

  • Kittens cry when a child is cut off from opportunity by monetary restrictions. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • What client do you use on the device? An ipod touch cannot just read an html 5 file...

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