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  • Hello,

    I'm French, so excuse me if I do any mistakes.

    I'm currently discovering Construct2, which seems to be the best tool available today - I tried GameSalad and Stencyl too (which is promising).

    I think it's a good idea to propose a "Free" edition, but in my opinion, each feature should be available in both edition, to be tried.

    So I suggest you to make Families available in the Free edition, so we can all see if it suits our needs, but with some restrictions, as other features.

    The restriction which makes more sense to me is to allow only 1 family to be created in the Free edition, just to be able to try it.

    Thank you very much.

  • Which other features could we restrict? Even if we restricted other features, eventually someone would make a post like this, but asking us to allow that other feature in the free edition.

    We have to restrict the free edition otherwise there's little incentive to buy a license and we could go out of business. I'm afraid on that basis I don't think we can justify a more powerful free edition. If you'd like to learn more about families, the manual entry on families is a good overview.

  • I think my message wasn't as clear as I wanted to.

    I didn't say to allow families in exchange to no longer allow another feature.

    I wanted to say that it should be great to allow families in a limited way AS you already do with limited number of layers, limited number of events etc.

    But of course I understand your position, and I expect anyway to buy a license in the coming months.

    Thank you again for your work on Construct2.

  • I did fine without Families for my first game, made with Free edition!

    What Ashley means is that Scirra has to keep the License appealing to potential customers by having license edition exclusive features like the Family feature. If they didn't restrict this, what would they restrict to still be able to appeal people to buy the full version?

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  • Families will suit your needs.

    It's a must if you're doing a commercial product.

    It's an incentive to buy a license.

  • Bonjour et bienvenue Blackyell.

    Families are useful, but you can very much make games without them.

    In my tutorials, I tend to make projects under 100 events and being "friend-edition" friendly.

    So I don't use families in them.

    In my personal/pro projects, I use them when it feels it can really lighten the code/it makes sense.

    To me, the real plus of the families is a facility in code writing and possibly an "OOP" way of dealing with objects.

    You can set common behaviors/instance variables that will be common to all the object types in your family but also add specific behaviors/instance variables to the object types of your choice, and be able to do a "first pick" on the family before refining to the specific object type and then using its own behavior/instance variables.

    I hope this helps you visualizing a bit better what families could bring to you.

    I strongly support the idea of buying a license, as even the personal one will really help you to fully test and learn all the subtleties of C2.

    Nevertheless, to learn the basics and make your first experiments/released little games, the free version is really more than enough as it is.

    It's soon Christmas, it's worth asking the license as a gift that will provide hours of fun if you're into game making rather than "straight programming".

  • Yes, it makes sense, and it's indeed possible to work without Families.

    Thank you for your comments :)

    (I'll now open a new topic to make a proposition for two new features :D )

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