How to make AJAX work in android?

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  • hi,

    i used AJAX to load and save data from a server, i finally got it working in preview but as i exported it to android it stopped working,

    i searched it and many posts in forum says it is not working with android for them too, but not one of them is answered or solved,

    anyone knows about this major problem? , is there a solution to this?

  • Bump!

    Please help please! anyone ...

    Need this feature to save game progress , their is no other way, and AJAX request is giving error!

    What do i do???

  • Kyatric ???

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  • AJAX is supposed to work as long as you make the correct call to the correct URL.

    As usual, make sure to debug your application and check in the console what is going on to have actual error messages which gives actual clues.

    No one can just GUESS what the hell is going on.

    If you made your application using Phonegap, there is a Debug button that allows you to execute your application and review in the browser's console what may be going wrong.

    This is the first thing to look at and investigate the AJAX requests and answers.

    If you used a different way to compile your application, use the debug features offered by this way.

    Also, no need to alert me specifically, doing research on your own using the forums actually goes a longer way.

  • Got it working!

    Actually it is not a problem with AJAX but with cocoon compiler it does not allows the app to access external URLs

    so i whitelisted my app and it worked!

    Thank you

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